About Us

About Us

Who we are

jobTopia is a boutique executive search and staff augmentation business catering our value-added services to mid and senior level executives. Our search consultants have earned an excellent reputation in the marketplace for trustworthiness, discretion and sound business counseling. Through this trusted network we gain access to hard reach people and discover valuable intel – who to recruit and who to avoid.

As a result, we have successfully placed hundreds of professionals in key leadership roles. If you value business relationships – not transactions, if you value a targeted selection process – not a “swipe left or swipe right” resume clearing house, the choice is jobTopia.

Today, professionals invest more time and energy interacting with co-workers than with family! That is why executives rely on jobTopia’s proven network of relationships to avoid painful and expensive hiring mistakes. A bad hire can create a toxic atmosphere, be disruptive and demoralize productive teams.

Protect the brand with jobTopia

They say a man is judged by the people with whom he associates. The same holds true for companies, who are judged not only by the quality of their products and services but also by the quality of their employees and the partners with whom they do business. Social media channels make it easy for both employees and potential employees to enhance or break a company’s reputation with their comments, complaints or referrals. We understand that your business partners are a reflection of you and your brand. That is why jobTopia upholds the highest standard of business ethics, professionalism and offers value –added services to each candidate. jobTopia strives for each candidate to have a memorable experience in the hiring process and become an advocate – a positive influence in the marketplace.

How does jobTopia deliver “exactly what you want?”

Success begins with a commitment to service. jobTopia’s proven network of relationships, time tested recruiting processes, subject matter expertise and stellar reputation in the market allows us to deliver “exactly what you want.”


  • Exclusive contingency ~ $100,000 - $175,000+
  • Retained ~ $180,000+
  • Staff augmentation ~ hourly bill rates


  • Accounting - Finance
  • Engineering - Supply Chain - Operations